Many are alarmed at the arrogance of FB & Twitter censoring Conservatives and President Donald Trump's Tweets and not allowing users to dispute FB & Twitter tyranny. Are they the greatest threat we have to free speech?

Facebook has created an Oversight Board where it can overrule their decisions to remove certain pieces of content from its platforms. It appears plausible that they have placed friends on the Board. So many believe that it is the fox guarding the hen house. These foxy Social Media Monarchs have graciously chosen 6 “cases” :

  • A screenshot of tweets by former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad which said Muslims had a right to perpetrate violence against French people "for the massacres of the past."
  • A post with a photo of a deceased child that included commentary on China's treatment of Uighur Muslims.
  • A post that purported to show historical photos of churches in Baku, Azerbaijan, with a caption that Facebook ( FB ) said indicated "disdain" for Azerbaijani people and support for Armenia.
  • Instagram photos showing female nipples that the user in Brazil said aimed to raise awareness of breast cancer symptoms.
  • An alleged quote from Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. This is a waste of time because Goebbels is the one person in the world that EVERYONE dislikes. Oh, wait, if they take this joke on, do they think that they are fair?

The one chosen case that was submitted by Facebook, rather than a user, was a post in a group claiming certain drugs could cure COVID-19, which criticized the French government’s response to the pandemic.

The board has opened a week-long public comment period on these first cases.

“They could be doing this to make-believe (pretend), that it is like a real court case but the cases will be reviewed by a panel of five board  biased members.”

FB has made it apparent that free Speech cannot be tolerated. Three of the six cases involved content that Facebook ( FB ) removed for breaking hate-speech rules. An Oversight Board spokesman said hate-speech cases had been "the most significant proportion" of appeals received. "Hate speech is an especially difficult area," Jamal Greene, one of the board's co-chairs and a professor at Columbia Law School, told Reuters in an interview. "It's not that easy ... for an algorithm to get the context of" such speech. Jamal admits that it is an area hard to define.

In November, FB say that they have been judging an average of  11 as hate speech, out of every 10,000  views. He said the cases, which involved content removed due to rules on adult nudity, and violence and incitement, raised "important line-drawing questions." I suppose that he used the word “important” because he thinks that FB censoring is important.

The board may hear cases from regular users on content that  was taken down by FB., but no one really believes that the board will find that FB was wrong.

The board, which has been criticized for its limited remit, also aims to expand its scope to hear cases from users in early 2021 about content that has been left on the site, as well as posts taken down.

This week, a group of Facebook ( FB ) critics dubbed "The Real Facebook Oversight Board" said it would hear three cases not yet eligible for users to take to the official oversight board, including a dispute about the Facebook account of Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump's former adviser. Facebook Oversight Board. We’re not waiting for another election to go wrong. We believe accountability in real-time is vital. it only has limited powers to rule on whether content that was taken down should go back up. And once a case has been referred to it, this self-styled ‘Supreme Court’ can take up to 90 days to reach a verdict. This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the many urgent risks the platform poses to the upcoming election. WARNING: Democracy is at risk. Join the fight to hold Facebook to account.

Their opposition claims to starting their “own Oversight Board” On the 6 cases the FB Oversight Board is taking up vs the ones it will NOT handle, such as FB not banning Bannon after he called for the beheading of 2 government officers. (Will take it up for them) via the brilliant @daithaigilbert @VICENews But are they just fighting a windmill like Don Quixote? We all know that Bannon will never be prosecuted because he is too important and protected by the Media. You can criticize the President of the United States but not people like Bannon.

Facebook, Twitter, and then Google, which is really the 800-pound gorilla, we have enormous concentration of power. Ted Cruz said “they collectively pose the single greatest threat we have to free speech in this country, because they've been getting more and more brazen," Cruz told Fox Business Network after the Senate hearing in November.

Senator Cruz said Twitter is "the most brazen" about censoring speech it disagrees with -- slapping warning labels on many of President Trump's tweets and banning from its platform a New York Post report about Hunter Biden's alleged influence selling when his father was Vice President.

"Big Tech asserted the power to just silence them because they didn't like what they were reporting," Cruz said. "I think it's really dangerous."Cruz also criticized Democrats on the Judiciary Committee for giving a pass to social media censorship.

Senator Ted Cruz thinks that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, should be repealed. Section 230 is a special immunity from liability that Congress gave big tech that no other organizations have. They don’t have to worry about lies because they can’t get sued. Big tech are not accountable for their lies.

“The reason Congress gave Tech special immunity from accountability, over 20 years ago was because Congress believed at the time, that tech would be neutral (idea sharing) , but it was never a free public forum”

“The reason Congress gave Tech special immunity from accountability, over 20 years ago was because Congress believed at the time, that tech would be neutral (idea sharing) , but it was never a free public forum”  and has become less and less, a fair marketplace of ideas. Big tech isn't even pretending to do that anymore. Now they're openly censoring and forcing their propaganda on us. They shouldn't get a special immunity from liability. we can and should use the anti-trust laws and consumer deception:- breaking the promise to consumers. When you sign up for social media, the promise they make to you is, if you follow someone, you're going to see what they have to say, and if someone follows you, they're going to see what you have to say. Big Tech is breaking that promise every day. They don't like your views, they silence you. Candace Owens said “Senator Cruz has displayed leadership and courage during a time in which many in the GOP have displayed cowardice and corruption. “.

Jim Tex, said, “The reason you don't know you've been lied to, conditioned and brainwashed is because you've been lied to conditioned and brainwashed”. Free thinking is suppressed by the media and few have the courage or the platform to speak up.