Texas has some of the highest property taxes in the USA. Some are double the tax that Florida pays. We all know the Houston Chronicle is the, ”Fountain of misinformation”.  They almost never report something like this. So it’s very refreshing to see other newspapers even in big liberal cities publishing useful articles about how to fight corruption and overreach in local governments. The article comes from The Dallas Morning News.

Dave Lieber, an “investigative columnist” for the DMN, has been encouraging his readers to file property tax protests for years. You can read his most recent article here.    I do know that the Harris County Appraisal District has an on-line process that  you can access here  (registration required) It’s simple and gets your foot in the door to a protest hearing.

The Texas Taxpayer Bill of Rights says this is your right, and it’s up to you to make sure that everyone is taxed fairly and equally.

Note that in Dallas, about 50% of those who filed a protest won their case. I don’t know what the statistics are in Harris County, but I do know that if you don’t file a protest, you won’t get any reduction in your tax bill. And I also know that if your case is fairly straightforward, that you don’t need the help of a tax protest company, who will take half of your savings as a fee. If you have a complicated case, by all means check out hiring a service to represent you, but check them out first to make sure they can really help.