A group of doctors went to Washington to say that “there is no need to shut down schools and there is no need for anyone to die of Covid-19”. Dr. Stella Immanuel MD said "I double dog dare Dr Fauci to give a urine sample to prove that he is not taking the virus prevention medicine Hydroxychloroquine?. Dr. Simone Gold Tweeted: “After our #WhiteCoatSummit received 15M views and was shared by the President, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube arbitrarily censored and deleted the live-stream of our event. Why are they censoring Physicians from speaking about COVID-19 and Hydroxychloroquine?

here is the video

Medical journals and the WHO were caught out over false data on Hydroxychloroquine. Doubt over Covid-19 drug research- Medical findings after President Trump told reporters that he is taking hydroxychloroquine to try to prevent getting ill from Covid-19, reporters rushed to discredit the drug and claimed that it should not be used as a virus prevention medicine. Many lives would have been saved if the Media had not tried to prevent this safe and inexpensive drug.

Doubt grew over drug research partly due to low social media presence