A lawsuit has been filed by 5 people against the Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The original Complaint is to invalidate the contact tracing contract between MTX Group, Inc. and the State of Texas.  

The first complaint to invalidate the contract is that DSHS  did not follow bidding rules in rushing to award the MTX contract. Secondly, to invalidate the contract is that the Texas Constitution requires a separation of powers, and that separation leaves policy-making decisions with the Texas legislature, stating “These decisions are not changed by pandemics”. The Texas Supreme Court recently stated, "The Constitution is not suspended when the government declares a state of disaster."

The Constitution is not suspended when the government declares a state of disaster

Mike Lang, Kyle Biederman, William Zedler, Steve Toth, and Bob Hall  have filed this law suit.The Texas Legislature had no opportunity to review the final proposal before Abbott authorized it in May. Bob Hall questioned MTX’s ability: “You don’t go from a $1 to 2 million contract company to managing a $300 million contract just because you want to do that,” he told KTVT.

Other news outlets have reported on privacy violations associated with MTX: in May, it “mistakenly uploaded” job training documents. The Contractor MTX CEO Das Nobel also lied that he held a doctorate from Colorado Technical University on his LinkedIn bio, a statement he then redacted. Abbot should have enough sense to not deal with this contractor, but, the question is, “does Abbott not realize what this looks like”.

Mike Lang is one of the group suing Abbott. First Abbott endorsed Mike Lang then he flipped to endorse Lang’s opponent Jack Wilson. Lang said, ”someone needs to stand up to Abbott and "tyranny." (Hood County openly defies state health orders, claiming a loophole.) Most of Abbots recent endorsements have not won elections.

Many are calling governor Abbott, a Rhino. His is certainly making enemies on both sides of the aisle. The Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) called Abbott's Mandatory mask order "an overreach of power".

we reported on this MTX contract, when we pointed out that this contractor is authorized to inflate the Covid-19 cases