One COVID19 test can now be counted as 17 cases. The reason for the “surge” in Cases in Texas, has now emerged. In May 2020 one case was considered a true tested case. The Current Case definition of a Covid case is one case, if you have a confirmed test. Now the definition of a "case" is a probable Case, even if no test has been done.

Chris Hill Collin County Judge explains that the new way to count Covid cases is the reason it has spiked. This Commissioners Court predicted the spike in cases.

This new system of reporting Cases is giving a false narrative by inflating the numbers of cases. Judge Chris Hill predicted that the numbers would become "highly overstated" because the bar has been lowered for call cases. He said “It is a costly expansion on resources. Serology test (diagnostic identification of antibodies) will also mean more cases and even if someone has antibodies (immunity), they will have to quarantine for 2 weeks.

The state of Texas got a contractor to do the contact tracing, a $295 million, 27-month contract that was rushed into place by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The Contractor can call it a Case even if there is no occurrence of the virus. A probable case definition is a "not confirmed case" but it is now considered an official case. Deaths are also inflated because they now no longer need to have a COVID-19 Lab test to consider it a Covid death. You can now count cases that have 2 symptoms like a headache and shortness of breath, or a combination of several  symptoms that count towards this classification. Since all the residents of Collin county are in the first box, a further 2 minor symptoms, such as if you have a subjective headache and fever (guessed, not measured), You would be considered a “case”.

In May the Epidemiology department at the Health department, reported on the cases but now the Contractor will take over this reporting of numbers.

The Contractor has no medical expertise. They are a tech company with 147 employees in India.

If masks work, why social distancing?

If social distancing works, who needs a mask?

If both work, why would we need shutdowns?

The decision by Governor Abbott to mandate masks is odd, in light of recent finding by The New England Journal of Medicine: “We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any protection from infection. The chance of catching Covid19 from a passing interaction in a public space is minimal.”. reported that Covid19 is losing strength. Antibody tests are finding thousands of people who were infected — but never became seriously ill.

There are many people in Texas that are outraged at having their Civil liberties infringed on and here are some of the comments on Social Media:

If masks really are effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19  why did we need a lockdown?. When a lockdown was being promoted, we were told masks weren’t effective #Scam So are all the people in Houston that didn't go to the protests or the funeral, exempt from the new lockdown?

If masks work, why social distancing?

If social distancing works, who needs a mask?

If both work, why would we need shutdowns?

Will wearing a germ infested cloth over your mouth and nose protect you?

Commissioner Radack said "clearly decisions Lina Hildalgo has made had nothing to do with an emergency. ”Commissioner Cagle had SEVERAL questions, including about her alleged  CORRUPTION: $4.2 million pop-up tent hospital that was never used at NRG, for jury calls done as an "emergency" item instead of giving Commissioners court 72 hour notice & did not notify him.

Jim Bigham Tweeted: "Here's quick look at the blatantly dishonest #fakenews #fakejournalism that is now clearly just propaganda for the pro-lockdown folk: Despite the breathless reporting by local media of ICU bed scarcity,@TXMedCenter has FEWER ocupied ICU beds today than two weeks ago. (1377 June 15th and 1367 Today).

They removed 132 beds from their base bed count to artificially claim over 100% capacity today, the 3rd of July"

This video shows the Collin County Healthcare worker explaining the new Case Definition (5 min)

This video shows the whole video of the Collin County Commissioners Court meeting in regards with Covid-19