PepsiCo is hiring in various Texas locations as jobs come back to revive the economy. PEP stock is up more than its rivals, partly because they pay out a big 2.94% dividend yield, have just reported good earnings just over 10% this year and about 8% projected for next year. Their second-quarter results had good earnings despite the recession, inflation and the Coronavirus is a solid company. They continue to churn out solid sales growth as it continues to offer excellent products. That goes  beyond the Pepsi soda brand as well as beyond PEP’s other soda offerings like Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist. Pepsico also owns other important beverage brands like Aquafina, Lipton and Gatorade as well as snack brands like Doritos, Lay’s and more.

Pepsico CFO Hugh Johnston says people are re-discovering breakfast at home and their Quaker oats products are doing well.