Allegations that untrained Harris County precinct 1 deputies were set up for “undercover” vice assignments so Alen Rosen’s top constables could molest them. 'bachelor party' stings were set up to exploit female deputies,” a law suit alleges. Prostitution stings devolving into “booze-fueled playgrounds.” To be molested and traumatized by superiors A concerned Precinct 1 Constable Office’s employee, was fired after she reported the alleged misconduct to the department’s internal affairs division.

The Houston Chronical reported on the 40-page civil rights lawsuit filed Monday morning in Federal court against Harris County, Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen, and two of his top-ranking superiors.

Rosen has spent more than 29 years in Houston law enforcement at the Constable’s Office and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

There is a movement to contact the Harris County Commissioners and ask them to appoint Joe Danna as the next Harris County Sheriff To bring back integrity to the office. Joe Danna can be the interim Sheriff, now that Harris County Sheriff, Ed Gonzalez, has been nominated to run ICE.:

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