The U.K. has given 33million Covid19 doses and 3.29 million people are fully vaccinated (4.94% of population. The USA gave 140 million doses 50.1 million are fully inoculated; (15.28% of the Population) Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the Iberian Peninsula. All Businesses are opening in Gibraltar because more than 90% of Gibraltar’s 33,000 residents have now had two doses of the vaccine. Oddly enough, they have not opened up flights to Gibraltar yet. They are considering travel corridors with the UK.  

On March the 20th a CDC report claimed that mask mandates lower COVID cases by *around 1.5%* Since TX removed the mask mandate, COVID-19 figures for Texas show that not only are the number of cases on the decline, so are COVID-19 hospitalizations. The number of new probable cases is back under 4,80

Some countries are rapidly rolling out the vaccinations, like the USA, due to their “Operation warp speed” process.

Here is an overview of country progress:

Texas has administered 10 MILLION #COVID19 vaccines, according to Governor Abbott